Tatiana A. Kroutko


Family Law

Money is understandably one of the most important items in divorces. Complex financial issues require attorneys to seek expertise of forensic accountants. When one spouse earns the money, the other is at a disadvantage. For example, money controlling spouse can unfairly understate income and conceal assets. Forensic accountant works to uncover hidden, transferred, and minimized income and funds. The results directly affect alimony, support payments, and division of community assets for equitable distribution.


Analysis of closely held businesses may find unreported income, hidden assets, and improper payments. Valuation of business process checks internal controls and searches for questionable transactions. Accurate auditing of a business to determine its value will benefit negotiations for dependent spouse. Forensic accountants examine individual and business tax returns, financial statements, bank deposits, transfers, disbursements, and public records. All data is applied to determine the true financial standing and to provide basis for negotiating fair settlements. Serving interests of your clients by having a qualified forensic accountant conduct a comprehensive analysis of personal and business finances will lead to equitable solutions in contentious family law disputes. Our goal is to assist clients with timely and efficient settlement. The following are examples of analyses performed:


  • Calculation of Marital Standard of Living
  • Determination of Income Available for Support
  • Asset Division and Equalization Analysis
  • Post-Separation Accounting
  • Tracing analysis in conjunction with separate property and property characterization, reimbursements
  • Moore/Marsden computations related to parties’ interests in Real Estate
  • Credits (Watts, Epstein)
  • Business and Professional practices Valuations (e.g. Pereira/Van Camp)
  • Allocation of Stock Options and Bonuses
  • Pensions, 401(K), IRA Accounts’ Apportionments
  • Assistance with Schedules of Assets and Debts and with Supporting Exhibits
  • Assistance with Income and Expense declarations